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I am an always travelling wedding and adventure stories photographer, based in Johannesburg. I love my work so much that I’m constantly on the road (or on a plane) to a new adventure.

Adventures are everywhere and it is my mission to document them. I challenge you to explore your extraordinary ordinary life with me, everything is gorgeous in the right light, I promise you I can shoot anywhere. You don’t need a picturesque view, or the perfect squeaky clean interior decorated space, you just need to be you and comfortable in your space. I can instantly see where the light is and will use that to my advantage.

I would say my second favourite thing (after photographing in beautiful light) would be to laugh. So bring on your favourite lame puns, do a funny dance or pull a face. I’ll probably match your inner geekness.


My style is relaxed, documentary and with a strong artistic approach. Some photos I plan with a more conceptual idea in mind and it is usually these iconic images that stand out as my adventure portraits. I love playing with light, using reflections and capturing the little moments in between. All of these things are ideal to create an adventure story.

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